About Sky

We aimed high from the very beginning

Sky Hotel Apartments was founded in Linköping during 2009. Since 2011 we are also situated in Stockholm. The name, Sky, was inspired by the place where it all began – on the 19th floor in Linköping’s tallest residential building: Tornet. Today, the name is also a reminder for ourselves to always aim a little higher in everything we do.

Our ambition to constantly improve our products means, for instance, that we regularly maintain our facilities so that they always appear as brand new, with an inviting, homely feeling. That’s why continuously renew the rooms by switching out the pillows, hanging new artwork on the walls and updating our TV system. It’s also why we work hard to make sure that all meetings held at Sky Meetings have that ‘something extra’.

And perhaps it’s when you take the elevator up to Sky Meetings on floor 18 and 19 in Tornet, and see the city below your feet, that you’ll get the first taste of that something extra that Sky Hotel Apartments can offer. We like to call it a little taste of heaven.

For more information about the company please contact CEO Per Thulin.
By phone +46 73-411 71 00,  or by mail  per.thulin@skyhotelapartments.se.

Sky Hotel Apartments offers modernly furnished Hotel Apartments equipped with kitchen and everything needed to stay for both longer and shorter periods. The idea is to make guests feel at home even when they are out traveling. Fully furnished Town Apartments around the city is available in Linköping. The conference-facility Sky Meetings, with its heavenly view, is also located in Linköping on floor 18 and 19 in Tornet.

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