We have aimed high from the very beginning

Sky Hotel Apartments was founded in 2009 in Linköping, and since 2011 we also have a location in Stockholm. The name, Sky, was inspired by the place where it all began – on the 19th floor in Linköping’s tallest residential building: Tornet. Today, the name is also a reminder for us to always aim a little higher in everything we do. Perhaps when you take the lift up to the top of Tornet in Linköping, and see the city spread out below you, you’ll get a sense of that special quality that Sky Hotel Apartments offers.

Our drive to continually improve our products means, for instance, that we put a lot of energy into maintenance, so that our hotel rooms and meeting spaces always seem fresh and new. Our aim is that all of our spaces feel inviting, with a pleasant sense of home.

We enhance our offer by opening new accommodation and by refining what we already have, to meet the demands of the market. Together with the guests and staff we can grow, continue to develop our operations, and offer a second home to lots of visitors.

Sky Hotel Apartments offers hotel apartments with contemporary interiors, their own kitchens and everything you need for both short and long stays. Our vision is that our guests can feel at home even when they are out traveling. In Linköping we also offer Town Apartments – fully-furnished apartments for visitors who want to feel at home.