Sharing responsibility for environment and people

At Sky we aren’t just in the hospitality business. We also want to do our part for the environment, the economy and society. We see ourselves as part of a larger cycle, where suppliers, employees, guests and partners share a responsibility for minimizing our negative impacts. Our ambition is to deliver the maximum positive benefit, with a minimum of negative affects on the world around us. We can only achieve this if we join forces, and so our motto is: Together for a better tomorrow.

Social engagement

Sky Hotel Apartments is a partner company with the Linköping and Stockholm City Missions. Every day they do important work, creating security and offering shelter for people in need.

Because we also want to give our guests a feeling of home at our hotels, we are extra passionate about the city missions, which help vulnerable individuals by providing secure environments. This is in line with our business concept, and our vision of creating a sense of home. We are honoured to be involved with the important work that the City Missions carry out.

Our contribution has included:

  • Furniture for sheltered accommodation
  • Furniture for second-hand sales
  • Teddy bears for children who live in sheltered accommodation
  • Meals for homeless