Hotels that feel like home – where every room has a kitchen

Welcome home – to one of our hotels in Linköping and Stockholm. All our rooms are spacious, with contemporary interiors and their own kitchen, and the reception staff are ready to assist you. Some people call this concept an apartment hotel, or simply large hotel rooms with kitchens. We call it Hotel Apartments.

Space for work, relaxation and cooking

When you stay with us, you enjoy the benefits of the traditional hotel, but with even more freedom. You can choose from a range of room types, and we’ve ensured you have everything you need for your stay – whether it’s just one night or several weeks. All our rooms have a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi and laundry facilities, plus access to a garage and fitness room. It’s a home away from home.


When you check in, your bed is made and the room is all ready for you. To benefit the environment, and to spare you unnecessary hassle, we clean your room once a week and after your departure. Cleaning is always done in daytime, so your room is nice and tidy when you get home. Of course it’s possible to have more frequent cleaning, for a charge.

A better rate, the longer you stay

Making yourself at home has its advantages – the longer you stay, the lower your daily rate. 

The longer stay

Staying at a hotel for a longer period is often not very comfortable; after a while you miss having your own place – a home with more space, where you can cook your own meals, wash your own clothes and simply feel more at home.
This is where we come in. So you can live comfortably even when you’re away for a longer period. You can stay with us for one night or several weeks, or even months. Such long stays cannot always be booked on our website, so please contact us directly. In Linköping we also have our Town Apartments concept for longer stays. Get in touch, and we can present you with the most suitable option.

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