Privacy Policy

Sky Hotel Apartments Privacy policy

Introduction. What is Sky and why is the data collected?

Sky Hotel Apartments is a privately owned company, founded in 2009. Sky offers hotel apartments in Linköping and Stockholm. Featuring contemporary interiors, they are fitted with kitchens and everything guests need for short or long stays. In Linköping Sky also offers Town Apartments – fully furnished apartments for guests who want to make themselves at home – as well as Sky Meetings – a conference facility on level 18 and 19 of the tower, with heavenly views across Linköping. Our vision is that our guests will feel at home, even when they are out travelling.

To achieve our business concept, we must collect different types of information about our guests. We work actively to do this as correctly as possible. We have created structures and internal methods that allow our guests and partners to feel secure that we are handling their personal data in the correct manner.


We save information about the booked guest(s) from the time of the booking until at least departure day. To facilitate future bookings, this information is also saved in a guest profile. If a guest profile is not re-used within 11 months, the profile is anonymized. Information that might need to be collected, if the guest consents, is name, phone number, email address, mailing address and credit card details. This guest information is not used for bulk mail-outs of a marketing character without specific consent.

Contact person:
We save information about contact people, e.g. booking staff or others whom we might have to contact in order to provide our services, at customer companies or travel agencies. To facilitate future bookings, this information is also saved in a contact profile. If a contact profile is not re-used within 11 months, the profile is anonymized. Information collected about contact people is name, phone number, email and workplace address. Information about contact people is not used for bulk mail-outs of a marketing character without specific consent.

Which personal data are collected and in which way?

Sky Hotel Apartments collects personal data for the following purposes.

When a booking or an inquiry about our services is made, the necessary information for handling the booking is collected. This can include guest name, company, phone number, email address, specific requests for the booking, and sometimes also invoicing and/or credit card details. Sky Hotel Apartments uses these personal data only to handle the booking or enquiry for which the data was submitted, unless consent has been given for other purposes.

Existing customers and partners can join our customer registry, Sky Network. By doing so, one agrees to receive newsletters and offers. In this instance we save the name, email address, company name and visiting address, and phone number. The customer may at any time request to be removed from the registry and stop the newsletter subscription.

To facilitate professional marketing activities, relevant information about contact people at the customer company is saved in the sales tool. A guest or contact person may always request that we remove their information from our system.

Cookies and other types of tracking can occur when visiting our online channels. This so the customer, will receive the most relevant information possible about what we offer and so that we can develop our products and services online. Visitors can inactivate cookies by amending the browser settings.

To make it easy for our guests to submit an enquiry, they can express an interest in our services on our website. No information from this form is saved. The email is deleted in our system when the enquiry is replied to.

When recruiting staff, we only save information during the recruitment process. We ask for consent when we wish to retain a CV for a longer period than the recruitment process.

For how long is personal data kept, and who can see it?

Guest and contact profiles are automatically anonymized if they have not been used for 11 months. Email mailboxes are emptied of irrelevant customer data on an ongoing basis. Sky Hotel Apartments undertakes to regularly, and no more than 12 months after the guest’s most recent stay, to delete guests’ personal data. Only authorized staff can locate the personal information. Most folders containing sensitive information are locked for specific users.


At any time, the guest may ask us to delete data that we have saved, once the booking or enquiry is finished. By way of our website and links, guests can deregister from Sky Network and our newsletter. Sky Hotel Apartments undertakes to not leave personal data to a third party without consent. The customer undertakes to not submit personal data in addition to what is required for Sky Hotel Apartments to handle the booking or request. The above does not apply to the data that Sky Hotel Apartments collects in accordance with other legislation than the General Data Protection Regulation.


For more information, contact Pontus Falk., 08-518 000 05.