Sky Hotel Apartments

Together for a better tomorrow

Sky Hotel Apartments supports the City Mission’s work in both Linköping and Stockholm. In the past, Sky has donated teddy bears and furniture to women who live with their children in sheltered homes and give homeless opportunities to come inside for a meal. For Christmas, the City Mission’s commitment is extraordinary when so many in Sweden stand without a real safe home and live in vulnerability. The City Mission in Linköping is currently conducting a campaign to get more resources to help young people with mental illness. The campaign is called “We need to talk about life – With more than ever”. In Stockholm, this Christmas focus is on homelessness among children and young people. This subject is also close to heart for us. If you want to donate a gift, there are links to the collections below.

#Together for a better tomorrow

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På spridda adresser i Linköping city. Kontakta receptionen för vägbeskrivning.


At various location in Linköping city. Contact reception for instructions.