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Staying at Sky – the guest experience

Sky offers 70 hotel apartments in Linköping’s tallest building, Tornet. If you have only seen it from the outside, it might be hard to imagine what it’s like to stay there. But Kurt Svensson knows. Kurt is a quality inspector at HKScan, and he visits Linköping from Kristianstad more or less every week. We asked him a few questions about travelling for work, and staying at Sky Hotel Apartments. No one can describe our concept better than our guests.

Tell us about HKScan and why you come to Linköping every week.

HKScan is Sweden’s leading company in meat production and one of the offices is in Linköping. As quality inspector I’m based at our office in Kristianstad but I spend about two days a week in Linköping. I’ve commuted to Linköping for five years and I really enjoy it, even if it means a lot of time on the road.

What is your experience of our rooms and of staying at Sky?

The rooms are clean, and are a high standard. The setup is perfect for me, since it’s close to my job here, but also close to the city centre. I’ve always had a very friendly reception, with big smiles from the girls at the front desk. They are very solution oriented and are ready to help if required. Once I arrived in Linköping late, I hadn’t booked a room and the hotel was all booked out. So the staff arranged it so I could sleep on an extra bed in my co-worker’s room. I really appreciated that.

The Hotel Apartments concept, i.e. a hotel room with kitchen, what are the benefits?

It’s a good concept, as it allows me to cook or to bring food to the room. And it’s not just that there’s a kitchen, the rooms are larger than most. Often there have been co-workers from various parts of the country at the hotel, and we’ve carried chairs between the rooms so we could cook food together, or play games, which has been lots of fun. Otherwise it can get boring at a hotel when you travel a lot, but here it’s easier to be social.

What is important to you, when you stay at a hotel?

It should be clean and have a high standard. Also the location is important, being near the city centre so you can enjoy that, but in my case being close to work is also important.

What is the best thing about Linköping?

Linköping is a wonderful city, with lots on offer and good connections.

Any advice for people who often travel for work, or commute weekly? How do you make the best of it?

A lot depends on the workplace and the co-workers. In my case, the co-workers in Linköping have a lot to do with me commuting for so many years. It’s a lot of fun to come here every week, and to work with them. Also I’ve had the chance to experience Linköping as a city. So my best advice is, if you work in another town, take advantage of what it has to offer, while you’re there.

Clara Callmeryd
Sales & Marketing Manager
Sky Hotel Apartments

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