Sky Hotel Apartments

Sky Hotel Apartments now environmental certified with the Green Key!

After a solid work, the Green Key environmental certification is now in place for our facilities both in Linköping and Stockholm, and we are very proud and glad. Sky’s ambition is to deliver maximum positive benefits to our hotels but with minimal negative impact on the outside world. We will not make bigger footprints than we need and have chosen Green Key as an ecolabel for measuring and guidance. Here we will tell you about some things that have been done as part of the certification. Please visit for more information or contact us directly to find out what we do to work sustainably or if you have tips and ideas on how to get even better.

-We encourage our guests and staff to recycle their waste and minimize the amount by consuming less disposable items, paper and materials.

-We continuously change lighting to LED and low energy lamps.

-We use as little cleaning products as possible and the ones we use are mostly ecolabelled.

-We use ecolabelled laundry facilities with sustainable transport.

-We offer a range of organic, closely-produced and / or fair-labeled ingredients to our breakfast and a vegetarian option will always be available.

-We have implemented aerator nozzles in all our rooms to reduce the amount of water and energy.

-We have introduced eco-labeled soap / shampoo for refills in dispensers in each hotel room and in staff areas to reduce our emissions of chemicals and minimize waste.

-We have no longer bottled water in our conference departments and now only serve tap water in refill bottles.

-Together with Green Key, we perform annual follow-ups and as well as work towards new environmental goals.


Together for a better tomorrow!


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