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Summer offer and our 15 best holiday tips for a summer in Sweden!

From Sky Hotel Apartments you can experience a lot of different things to do just around the corner! We have collected our best outdoor tips for a summer in our part of Sweden. It´s cool to be outside!

Sky Hotel Apartments is located in Linköping and Stockholm. Stay for a few days with us or just stop by for one night before moving on in Sweden. Use our discount code “SWEMESTER” and you can enjoy our best summer prices, for example you can book a room from only 795 SEK per night!

No matter how long you stay with us, you will sleep comfortable and live in spacious and homely hotel apartments. You can wash clothes you´ve brought along on the trip and cook your own food, which give you a great freedom. We start by sharing our best tips for Linköping and its surroundings!

1. A Sunny Day at Berg’s “Slussar” (Sluice)

Here you can visit Göta Canal’s largest sluice staircase and at the same time have a coffee, play mini golf and watch boats. The environment is cozy and there is also a swimming area where you can arrange a lovely picnic. And by the way, you can see the lake Roxen where the sluice starts, from some of our Top Floor rooms in Sky Hotel Apartments Tornet (Tower).

2. Hike or Bike on Omberg

We are sure this is a perfect summer to experience nature! Omberg is a nature reserve located right next to Vättern. The trails are part of the “Östgötaleden” and there are many different routes to tackle. During the hike or cycling there are many monastery ruins and ancient castles to discover and when you come down to the water there are many nice swimming spots and even ice cream places to visit as a reward.

3. Gamla Linköping (Old Town) – A cozy place to experience

In Gamla (old) Linköping Open-Air Museum, you can travel back in time and experience what Swedish life was like a hundred or more years ago. The Open-Air museum is Sweden’s 7th most visited museum. Here are many exhibitions, shops and crafts, restaurants and cafés. A short walk through the Valla woods nature reserve takes you to Valla Farm, the rural part of the museum, with farm animals and houses showing the history of the countryside.

4. Varamon- The Swedish version of the Riviera

One of the largest lakes in the Nordic region with a 5 km sand beach at Vättern, close to Motala and only 40 minutes by car from Linköping. On a sunny day, the beach is at least as good as the Riviera. The water is nice and clear but known to be a little chilly as Vättern is a deep lake, 128 m in the deepest place. The beach is fortunately shallow.

5. Kolmården Zoo

Kolmården´s Zoo is only 1 hour from the hotel. The well known zoo which is the largest one in the Nordic region has a lot of adventures for both young and old. How about, for example, wildlife from all corners of the world, rollercoasters and Bamse’s world for the little ones. This summer they are open but with some restrictions, like that you need to register your visit online before you go.

6. Experience Stångån – the River!

There are stunning environments in Linköping around Stångån, with beautiful trees and bird life. Here are nice little places to have a picnic at and why not rent a pedal boat on Mickey’s beach café or rent a kayak through Hama Adventures and go out on the water yourself.

7. Astrid Lindgrens Värld (Temporary closed summer 2020 due to Covid19)

This fairy tale world is just over an hour from Linköping. Astrid Lindgren’s books and characters attract both adults and children. If you are traveling from Astrid Lindgren´s World and traveling north, Linköping is the perfect place for the next stop.

8. High Adventure Park and Nature Experiences

Linköping’s High Adventure Park is located in Vidingsjö and is a breathtaking experience. It is just one of many wonderful nature experiences to take part of in this area. We advise you to check out to find outdoor activities and “Find out” where the whole family can go out and look for checkpoints.

9. Vadstena – Worth a visit!

We think Vadstena is one of the coziest small towns in our region! Here is the old castle and monastery museum which are well worth a visit. Just strolling around and eating ice cream in the cozy environment next to Vättern’s beach is an experience. Below we have a huge selection of things to do in Stockholm, after you are done with the activities in Linköping of course. The hotel is close to two metro stations, has parking in the garage if you come by car and you can rent bicycles nearby. Here are our best tips of outdoor activities when you visit Stockholm this summer!

Below we have a huge selection of things to do in Stockholm, after you are done with the activities in Linköping of course. The hotel is close to two metro stations, has parking in the garage if you come by car and you can rent bicycles nearby. Here are our best tips of outdoor activities when you visit Stockholm this summer!

10. Rålambshovsparken – So close but so nice

Just a few minutes walk from the hotel you will find “Rålis” which provides a taste of all that summer Stockholm has to offer. Here you will find restaurants, swimming areas, SUP rental, boules and walking paths next to the water. Continue the walk along North Mälarstrand and the City Hall, all the way into the city.

11. Explore Stockholm on two wheels

Bicycles can be rented at many locations in Stockholm. Get around smoothly and discover new places. There is plenty of nature, parks and cozy places.

12. Djurgården – Of course!

Here you will find everything from Gröna Lund and Junibacken to the Vasa Museum and Skansen. It is also very cozy to just go for a walk and maybe stop for an ice cream and watch the boats! Regarding the adventure parks, it is good to keep an eye on what restrictions and opening hours this summer applies!

13. Kärsön – An active place!

About 30 minutes by metro and bus from the hotel is Kärsön. Here you can enjoy various activities such as frisbee golf, kayak rentals, mini golf, swimming and volleyball. Moreover, the enchanting Drottningholm Castle is just one station away by bus!

14. Wira Bruk – A Historical Place

For those who are interested in history there is an old forge about 50 km from Stockholm. It is located in a beautiful nature area with good walking opportunities and there is also a very nice restaurant all the way back from the 18th century

15. Boat trip – A day on the water

Stockholm is like it was made to be experienced from the water. You can take a day trip to, for example, Birka the Viking town, Vaxholm or Drottningholm Castle. If you want to go a bit further, take a trip to Mariefred or Sigtuna. Most boats go from Nybrokajen or Strömkajen.

Please ask us for more activities and tips when checking in! We are happy to help you out! Welcome to Sky Hotel Apartments!


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