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Jord – New restaurant in Valla Berså, Linköping

In the environmentally friendly, round and beautiful wooden house Valla Berså at Malmslättsvägen, there has been full activity since the beginning of the year. The construction project has recently been completed with the lush greenery planted in the courtyard. Sky Hotel Apartments has 23 furnished apartments in this house and the demand has been high. Sky welcomes guests from all corners of the world, and most of the them live in Linköping on behalf of one of the city’s major companies and stay for a few weeks or months.
There is an interior store in the house already and in September it is time for a restaurateur to look up the gates in the newly built premises. The new restaurant is on the ground floor on the corner which faces the Johannesborg Park. This will be a big boost for Skys guests in the house and the other tenants, but not least also for the residents in the surrounding neighborhood.
It is the chef Andreas Landén with a solid experience in the industry that opens Restaurang Jord. We have had the opportunity to meet Andreas and his two colleagues Oscar and John together with Eva Lindstén from Lindstén Fastigheter, who has been responsible for building the house and now owns and manages it. They have told us more about the ideas around the restaurant.

As a property owner, what was your thoughts and plans on what type of business you wanted in this house?  And why was a restaurant planned in these premises?

We had planned from the start  to offer exciting ground floor activities in the house and a restaurant or cafe was a wish. It was also a requirement of the township to enable businesses to establish themselves here. The idea of ​​the location of the restaurant on the corner to Johannesborg Park was to be able to enjoy the beautiful park with greenery and large chestnut trees. We have had the hope of finding a entrepreneur who wants to focus on sustainability just like us and is now very pleased that Restaurang Jord opens in the house. We believe in the concept and location with many residents around and only 10 minutes walk from Stora Torget, Eva Lindstén says.

The name Restaurant Jord “Soil” gives associations to nature. What is the idea of ​​the name and what is the concept?

The name will summarize what we want to stand for, food from the nordic cousine, from the wild like fish, meat and ingredients from nature produced near by. We will serve food by season and carefully choose which ingredients we put on the plates. We will serve both meat and vegetarian dishes. We sometimes jokes about that you are doing nature a favour if you eat our food. One eats what nature is giving right now. As far as possible we want to avoid our food to be transported and produced far away, the chefs explain further.
The interior of the restaurant can be described as rustic elegance with inspiration from nature with materials such as oak, marble, leather and brass.

What will be the restaurants opening hours?

The restaurant will be open Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm to late, explains Andreas. The restaurant can take 50 seated guests and can be subscribed for daytime. It is possible to book tasting settings and representation sessions for smaller companies.

Who do you think your typical guest is and who do you want to attract to the restaurant?

We believe that anyone who likes to eat good food with fine ingredients and people with a genuine food interests will enjoy our restaurant. We also hope to be able to show Skys guests from other countries staying in the serviced apartments how delicious swedish food can taste.

What dish should we not miss when we try Restaurang Jord?

That is a difficult question as the menu will change frequently. If a farm calls and offer us beetroot or maybe truffles or goat meat, then it may end up on the menu. What we can say is that the dishes will have nice ingredients and will be put together with great thought together with good drinks. With us, you will have an experience, not just eating a good dinner.

We wish Andreas and the team at Restaurang Jord a lot of luck and we will  highly recommend our guests in Valla Berså to make a visit as soon as the restaurant opens!

Contact details, Restaurang Jord
Instagram;  restaurangjord
Phone; +4613-131337

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