Sky Hotel Apartments

What do we do to create a safe environment in our hotels?

We want you as guests to feel safe visiting our facilities. We have therefore introduced a lot of new routines to ensure this. We want to emphasize that we are extremely careful to take care of our guests and our staff and do what is in our power to do this in the very best way. If you have any questions before your stay, you are warmly welcome to contact us!

  • Hand hygiene routines for all our employees and our hotel guests are reminded and encouraged to wash their hands often and thoroughly.
  • Soap and / or hand alcohol are available in all public areas and toilets.
  • In addition to our already strict rules regarding cleaning and sanitation, we have increased the frequency and accuracy regarding cleaning of exposed areas and surfaces.
  • Our employees are urged not to shake hands and keep their distance. We avoid all physical contact with both colleagues and guests..
  • Key cards are washed with soap and water before reuse.
  • Payment terminals and elevator buttons are disinfected regularly.
  • We have routines around employees who show disease symptoms in accordance with the health authorities’ directives. We are simply not at work when we feel symptoms of illness.
  • We listen to your guests and do everything to make you feel safe when you visit us. In some of our hotels we only offer breakfast bags and where we have a buffet, we actively encourage the use of hand alcohol before guests take part in it. Feel free to contact the current hotel if you want more details before your upcoming stay.

Strengthen routines for cleaning hotel rooms

  • The hotel room is vacuumed, dusted and moped carefully at each guest change in the usual order.
  • All cleaning equipment is washed in 90 degree water.
  • We disinfect the door handles for the hotel rooms.
Policy regarding conference booking
  • When booking, we encourage the guest to book an airy room where it is possible to sit at a distance.
  • We urge our guests to keep their distance
  • Guests are encouraged to use our terraces.
  • Guests are encouraged to wash their hands frequently with soap and water and to use hand alcohol available on our premises.
  • We ask our guests to cancel their stay with us at the slightest symptom.
  • Guests are encouraged to minimize the number of people in the lifts. There are also stairs.

Hitta hit!

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At various location in Linköping city. Contact reception for instructions.