Sky Hotel Apartments

Sky Hotel Apartments merges with Norwegian Frogner House Apartments and Bjørvika Apartments


Launches new Nordic investment in apartment hotels.

While many other companies are experiencing challenges related to the corona pandemic, Swedish Sky Hotel Apartments and Norwegian Frogner House Apartments and Bjørvika Apartments are focusing on further growth by merging. The merger is a result of Frogner House Apartments and Bjørvika Apartments’ acquisition of the Swedish company.

Today, the three companies together offer 1,300 apartments for rent in Norway and Sweden.

The new company aims to offer 7,000 apartments, spread across 15 cities in the Nordic region by 2025.

– We see great opportunities for the tourism industry in the Nordic region. Many travelers want a more personal experience than traditional hotels, while at the same time receiving the security and service that comes with renting from a professional player. Together, our three companies have the opportunity to develop a unique offer for travelers in Norway and Sweden, says former partner in Sky Hotel Apartments, Mia Langborg Ziherl.

Offers alternatives to hotels and private rentals The new company offers an alternative to traditional hotel accommodation or private rental via, for example, Airbnb. The options will include serviced apartments that are adapted for long-term rent, apartment hotels in their own buildings and exclusive apartments with unique services and offers to guests.

The customer journey must be made as easy as possible for the guests with the help of digital solutions.

New international trend among travelers
Pierre Wilhelm Puggaard, CEO of Frogner House Apartments, says that the growing demand for professional apartment hotels is part of an international trend, which is now beginning to come to the Nordics in earnest.

– For many, it is important to maintain the feeling of a home when they travel. Our experience of various business models in the service apartments segment and our location will strengthen our competitiveness. There are great synergies in our way of thinking and functioning, and now we really want the opportunity to take advantage of economies of scale.

– We are now actively working to establish ourselves in more cities and are looking for attractive hotel properties that can be converted into apartment hotels and property projects throughout the Nordic region, he says.

For more information, contact:
Pierre Wilhelm Puggaard
Frogner House Apartments
Tel: +47 932 16 600

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