Inspiring meeting facilities with heavenly views

Experience a conference in Linköping’s tallest residential building

Take the elevator to floor 18 or 19 and see the city below your feet. At 64 meters above ground you’ll enter our conference rooms, being greeted by a fantastic view of Linköping and its surroundings. On a clear day we can really recommend having a coffee on the roof terrace, overlooking the Östgöta plains.

Conference rooms for any occasion

If you’re looking for something other than the typical conference, you’ve come to the right place. With conference rooms of different sizes and styles, we can surely offer something that will suit your specific needs – whether it’s an informal meeting in the sofa, a more formal board members meeting, day mettings, a creative group meeting or a company seminar.

Large events

Our large conference room can house events for up to 150 persons – a perfect alternative when your own conference facilities aren’t big enough or when you’d like to get away from the office to gain new perspectives. The conference room can be divided into smaller sections and suits perfectly for business mingling, workshops, events with lectures, conventions or a large banquet.

Eat and drink

How about some coffee, with sandwiches or pastries, to compliment your meeting? Or perhaps you’d like to have your lunch served in our spacious lounge, in the restaurant near by or on the roof terrace? At Sky Meetings we arrange anything from dinners to buffets, mingling events and after works. We’d be happy to suggest a menu, and if you have any special requests we will take care of them too. Christian Moborg and Restaurang Torn1 serves the delicious food.

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Cumulus (max 12 pers)
Stratus (max 16 pers)
Opacus (max 10 pers)
Virga (max 12 pers)
Cirrus 1 (max 40 pers)
Cirrus 2 (max 80 pers)
Cirrus combined (max 150 pers)
Floor sketches

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